• Coaching Corps (map)
  • 310 8th Street
  • Oakland, CA 94607

Coaching Corps is a corps of motivated college students and community members who serve as volunteer coaches, mentors and role models in afterschool sports programs serving girls and boys who live in some of our most under-resourced communities.

We exist to ensure that for all kids, the opportunity to run, play, learn, be coached and work with a team is a given – not a luxury. We are Coaching Corps and we are changing the game for the kids who need us most.

On the surface, what we do may look easy – we offer a full-season of sports programs for kids who normally wouldn’t get them.  We pair up with another Coaching Corps coach and we create teams, design drills, give high-fives and coach our kids through wins and losses on and off the field.

If you look deeper, we are more than just coaches.  We promote positive peer relationships, inspire leadership in kids and ensure the emotional and physical safety of all our athletes.  We know there is no life lesson that sports can’t teach … and we teach those lessons.